Quality Assurance

Living up to our reputation as a Limited Edition Fashion Design Providers (FDP) in North America, we have designed an elaborate Quality Assurance Process (QAP). With unparalleled process controls and expert product knowledge guiding Looks International, our customers can rely on receiving authentic items and jewelry. The following quality assurance stages ensure that our customers - consistently receive only fine quality assured items.

Physical Inspection

Damaged items are immediately rejected and returned. Perfect equipment are accepted and assigned serial numbers for tracking. Any equipment with even a minor cosmetic damage will be returned right away.
2nd Authentication
All equipment undergoes a second authentication process with rigorous inspection procedures that are unique to each category type.
• Labels, cloth, detailed components, workmanship, and other identifiable characteristics inspected.
• Suspected equipment is immediately quarantined to ensure inventory integrity. Rejected equipment immediately returned to manufacturer.

After-sales Services

We provide full after-sales support.

Updated on December 19, 2016.